The synthesis in a stamp, feel good at the table.

Particularly, in the world of fresh and typical food and cured meats production are taking place trends that intertwine with fashions and lifestyles constantly changing. This requires to producers’ accurate valuations and choices on how orient their selves and on what markets to satisfy.

The Bombieri choice is, above of all, on his cured meats quality.

For quality we mean a production method that includes upstream suppliers and downstream customers.

Tradition, taste and wellness are our cardinal points.
The Bombieri quality is expressed in a supply chain that arrives to the table:
certified and strictly supervised selected meals,
the work environments in the various preparation steps; the energy saving with power cogeneration solutions of last generation, the reduction of water usage, all the commitment in the environmental sustainability, the respect of tradition and the interpretation according to new food and life styles.

We have contained the use of sodium. From years we have eliminated derivates of milk, gluten and polyphosphates.

Time doesn’t compress, the seasoning is a very important moment, for this reason the Bombieri cured meats seasoned in a last generation cell where the visual, tactile and olfactory controls are follow diligently by a man, the logistic of Bombieri is an excellence because the cured meats, packaged, arrive on the table in their best expression.

The Bombieri quality is the result of a team where everyone plays his role with pride and gratification. Where expert generations blend with new generations.

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