Nativa Turkey Breast Fillet

Light and tasty. Fat content under 2%

Turkey Breast Fillet

Traditional preparation and upmost practicality

Spit-Roasted Piglet

Traditional preparation “ in plain sight” naturally cooked

Cut of Spit-Roasted Fillet

Classical preparation, naturally cooked

Roasted Pork Sirloin

Protagonist in gastronomy

Roasted Porchetta

Typical specialty, traditional preparation

Porchetta Rustica

Tasty, savory, high-yield

Roast like Porchetta

Typical and unmistakable shape

Praga Cooked Ham

Baked pork leg, lightly smoky aroma and tastesmoky aroma and taste

Char-Grilled Cooked Ham

Distinctive aroma, unique taste. Tempting visual impact

Cooked Ham with Herbs

Intense aroma and rich in taste thanks to natural fl avourings and herbs

Cooked Speck

Unique taste for countless recipes

Oven-Cooked Beef

To make gastronomic preparations easier

Cooked Topside Roast Beef

Tasty and ready to slice