Salame Milano

“Grain of rice” grinding, mild taste.

Ungherese Salami

Finest grinded, refined taste

Padano Salami

Medium grinded, natural flavourings. Strong and balanced taste

Napoli Salami

Medium grinded, strong taste

Spianata tipo Romana (flat salami)

Medium-fine grinded, with natural fl avourings and little “lardelli” (fat cubes)

Soppressa Veneta

Unmistakable typical taste

Soppressa Veneta with Garlic

Traditional taste with distinctive garlic aroma

Salami with Fennel Seeds

Medium grinded, intense and typical aroma, strong taste

Bombieretto Salami

Small size, great taste

Emiliano Salami

A traditional product of the Italian charcuterie. Medium-fine grinded, mild flavour

Corallina Salami

Typical salami of Norcia tradition, medium-fine grinded, mild taste thanks to the “lardelli”

La Paesana Soppressa from Sicily

 Typical Sicilian salami, coarse grinded, distinctive shape, strong taste

Siciliano Salami

Coarse grinded salami, typical and strong taste

Spicy Ventricina

Unique balance between elegance and spiciness

Spicy Spianata (flat salami)

Typical flat-form salami, medium-fine grinded, spicy taste

Spicy Napoli Salami

Spicy salami, medium grinded, strong flavour