From the leanner legs, min. 4 months cured

Square Shaped Cured Ham

Easy to slice, min. 4 months cured

Cured Ham with removed Pig Skin

Without rind, high-yield

Cured Coppa in Net

Traditional product, mild taste

Spicy Cured Coppa in Net

Strong and spicy taste

Cured Capocollo with Loop

Typical product tied by hand, strong taste as tradition calls

Cured Coppa without Pig Skin

Without casing, ready to use, high-yield

Cured Lonzino

Cured pork sirloin, mild taste

Cured Pork Guanciale

Typical product of the Italian “norcineria”, useful for several recipes, strong and savory taste

Bresaola Punta D’anca

Flavoured beef valuable cut, slowly cured, mild taste