Cooked Ham – High Quality Fior di Loto

Wellness and nutrition are at the heart of our daily commitment. We want to look to the future and with the High Quality Cooked Ham that we have called FIOR DI LOTO, we offer the result of what we call “Bombieri – wellness” because we start from the care of every aspect and first of all from the selection of the farms.

The “animal welfare” is the first step, we make sure that the farms guarantee adequate spaces, selected feeds, healthy and active growth.

The slaughterhouses of origin of the legs ensure the adoption of the cruelty & stress-free rules. All this translates into quality meats that subsequently bring health and flavor benefits to our nutrition.

Our commitment continues in the various stages of preparation to enhance the meat through preparation processes in which dairy, gluten or polyphosphates are excluded.

FIOR di LOTO has a reduced sodium content and this is a result that allows you to fully appreciate its taste. This is a summary of the “Bombieri – wellness – today and tomorrow” proposal.