Raw Material: Choice Meat

Our meats are carefully selected and verified at the entry, guaranteeing an high-quality product. Our products result tastier and lighter thanks to a low amount of salt and to natural tannins.

Plants: Energy Saving Sustainability

We of Bombieri think about the future producing with the highest efficiency and in the respect of the environment. We were among the first to use recovery and energy saving systems, by applying turbine cogeneration technologies, which allow us to recover the condensation and the energy, and thanks to the recycling practise we minimize the water consumption embracing the philosophy of sustainable.

Praparation:Tradition and Innovation

Thanks to the experience acquired along the time and to the attention that we appeal to the needs of our consumer, we are able to produce cured meats in an even more sustainable way in the respect of our traditions.


Our cured meats are seasoned in a natural environment with a temperature control, in the respect of product timeline. For this reason, our cured meats are special.

Punctual: Customer Services

Since ever we are alongside our customers to accompany and help them in the sale process. We provide quick and reliable delivery services.

All at the Table with Taste!

A good nutrition is the first step for an healthy lifestyle, for this reason we take on your tables lighter products, less salted but without renouncing to the taste!